Written and Directed by Joss Whedon:Anne

Although this doesnt live up to the end of season 2 this is a very good season opener. Although it is lighter hearted than the end  of season 2, and fails to follow up on the emotions of many characters, it overall is a good episode.


A vampire rises from the grave, and sees the feet of a girl. It is Willow feet,as Buffy is still gone. Willow tries to pun, but is not as funny as Buffy. Xander and Oz fight the vampire, but he gets away. They think about first day of school tomowrow

Buffy has a dream wher she  is on a beach with Angel. Se wakes up in crappy apartment in LA, with a view of the city that looks poor.There is a very good camera movement here as it pulls out and gives a view of the city.

SHe works at a diner and is harassed by some men, but does not use her power. She sees a girl who is very close to her boyfriend.  Its chantrelle from Lie To Me. Buffy pretends not to know her.

There is a great tracking shot covering the first day of school. Willow and Giles talk about the slaying, Xander and Cordy worry about seeing each other, Oz has to repeat the year and Larry is optomistic about the football  if there are less mysterious deaths. The school feels very alive, while Buffy sits alone in her room

As she walks down the street she heres an old woman say, I’m no one.

Giles gets a call and leaves to find Buffy.

Buffy meets Chantrelle, now called Lilly.  There is a walk and talk tracking shot and some funny dialouge. a man walks in front of a car but Buffy saves him. She is hit and runs away. She bumps into Ken, who tries to convince her to join a religious group. Some of his dialouge is too on the nose for me.

There is a montage of despair in the city which is a bit much.

Xander and Willow sit at the Bronze and comment about depressing night. They decide to use Cordelia as bate

GIles goes to Buffy’s house and talks to Joyce. Joyce blames Giles for Buffy’s disappearance.

Buffy and Lily go to the  blood donation. The nurse is very suspicious looking

They split up and Buffy finds old dead Ricky

She tells Lilly and gets very annoyed about her unwillingness to accept his death.

Lilly is convinced by Ken

Buffy investigates furthe “What are you doing” “breaking into your office and going through your private files”

She knocks the  phone off the hook and gets info from the nurse

Ken has Lilly, and gets her ready for the dimensin.

Cordy is bait, They argue with each other as a vamp sneaks behind Willow.

Buffy sucks at undercover and breaks in.

they fall in through the portal. It is a demon dimension where people are forced to work forever. Kens face falls off and Buffy and Lilly run. Buffy is knocked out.

THe scoobies fight the vampire as it attacks Willow. Xander and Cordy knock the vampire in between them, staking him. THey kiss. This is a funny scene for both of them.

Buffy is locked in her prison. Ken comes by and taunts her. He say she got her wish to disappear. He says she is basically in hell, and they have to work forever until they die of age.

The captives are lined up as a demon asks”Who are you”. He kills whoever remembers name. He gets to buffy and asks her name. she responds “I’m Buffy. THe vampire Slayer. And you are?’. she fights back and helps the new prisoners escape. THis is a very good fight scene. Lily takes the others to escape and Buffy fights.

There is great imagery here as Buffy fights with the Hammer and Sickel. After killing the guards Ken threatens Lily. However, Lilly pushe Ken off the ledge.

Buffy lifts the gate , and it crushes Ken. Buffy does her gandhi impression

After escaping she offers to helps Lilly/Anne. Anne wants to live a new life.

Buffy Shows up at home at the end and hugs Joyce.

Although not as dark or emotional as I would have prefered it is still a very good episode.




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