Written and Directed by Joss Whedon: Becoming Part 1

There is some voice over about the big moments. THere is a long shot that shows Angel getting tossed from a bar. He meets Darla and she sires him. He seems very willing. I think this is the first time we actually see a vampire get sired. This scene also continues the sexual conotations of sireing. We also get the famous Irish accent.

In the present Angel watches Buffy fight. She says she is ready to fight Angel. Xander has also been there and knocked out. Angelus watches her and says it will all be over soon.

Giles talks to archeologists about a giant rock and notices a door. He warns them not to open it.

I love the  fish scene, at the lunch table where Xander reenacts the previous fight using his fish sticks. Oz and Cordy have some good lines.  Snyder warns them, and asks about a chair shortage.  Cordy sums him up pretty well.

Angelus torments dru before turning her into a vampire. He pretends to be a prisest. THis is similar to what he did to  Buffy, by making her feel inferior.

Drusilla talks about her kill and vision . Spike has so many great lines in this episode, telling Angelus”no you Ninny, she read it in the morning paper.” I like the studying scene,where WIllow shows she has become a good teacher. Buffy drops her pencil and looks under the desk and finds the spell.

Angel is cursed  by the gypsies and told about the curse.  I do not think this is  compatable with later scenes in 5×5.

Great scene in library  as the charecter discuss what to do. Xander is very cruel, and unlikeable.  This is one of the few dramatic scenes in the episode.

The vampires steal the tomb. Buffy goes outside and meets with Kendra.

Spike comments “its a big rock”.  Angel describes the backstory and tries to open it but fails. Spike has the best lines in this episode”someone wasnt worthy”. I love how much he is just laughing at Angel.


Giles happens to have an orb of thesulas, which is convinent

Angel is living  in an alley eating rats, when Whistler finds him. He is the first demon who is not evil. Whistler is not my favorite character, but he is fine. It is very creepy how Angel watches Buffy at school. He watches her first fight, and decides to help the world. It is intersting how Buffys parents fight.

A vampire shows up in class and tells Buffy when and where to fight Angel before bursting into flames. It is a bit confusing why a vampire would agree to be a sacrafice.

Buffy falls for it, and goes to fight Angelus, and Kendra gives her her stake Mr. Pointy.

Buffy fights Angelus and the others are attacked by vampires. Angel taunts Buffy saying “you fall for it everytime”. Drusilla kills Kendra and kidnaps Giles, and Xander and Willow are badly hurt. Buffy runs after her friends, and this is one of the few moments of the show in slow motion. As Buffy finds Kendra, a cop yells freeze and points a gun at her

Whistler continues his voiceover saying “you’ll see what I mean”

Overall this is a great episode, but it is mostly buildup. Except for the library scene there are few big dramatic scenes, and there does seem to be to much backstory and expositon. It is extremeley well filmed, with good fight scenes, and a great score. The acting as always is great. There are few problems with this episode, it just does not have the same dramatic punch as other Whedon episodes.

Scenic Routes

This is a very good episode, but it does seem exposition heavy. However the scene where all of the characters argue about restoring Angels soul.

Every character get’s his point of view across. Willow and seems open to it, but Xander continues his obsessive hatred of Angel.  Giles understandably questions the idea of helping Angel after everything he has done, but is furious with Xander for using Jenny’s death to prove a point.

It is frustrating that no one uses the argument that they are two separate people, as Xander seems incapable with grasping that idea.  Xander comes across as an asshole here, who is completely incapable of understanding the complex emotions of everyone else.  THis is the most unlikable he ever becomes.







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