Top 25 Whedon Episodes

This is the post excerpt.


Joss Whedon is one of the greatest show runners in the history of television. He works in Genre tv shows, often with silly names that cause many to underestimate the complexity of the shows and their themes. He has written and directed some of the best tv episodes of all time.


25. Man on the Street

24.The Zeppo

23. Dopplegangland


22. Graduation Day

21. Epitaph One

20. Our Mrs. Reynolds


18. Reunion

17.Loyalty/Sleep Tight/ Forgiveness

16. Dead Things

15.The Attic


13.Fool For Love

12.The Gift



10. Passion


9. Hush


8. Belonging


7. A Hole in The World/Shells

6. Out of Gas

5. Not Fade Away

4.Objects in Space


2. Once More With Feeling

  1. The Body


Honorable Mentions: Prophecy Girl,I Only Have Eyes For You, Amends,Helpless, Earshot, Something Blue, This Years girl/Who are You/Five by Five/Sanctuary, No Place Like Home, Family, Crush, Intervention, After Life, Normal Again, Tabula Rasa, Grave, Selfless Conversations with Dead People, Lies my parents told me, Storyteller, Chosen, City of, I will Remember You, Hero, To Sanshu in LA,  Are You now or Have you ever been, Darla, The Trial, Lullaby, Birthday, Waiting in the Wings, Deep Down, Spin the Bottle, Salvage, Orpheus, Home, Lineage, Destiny, Your Welcome, Smile Time, Underneath, Shindig, Ariel, War Stories, Spy in the House of Love, Briar Rose, Left Hand, Epitaph two: Return














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